Other reports

Zambia Brief 2014

Survey reports | Zambia | 2016

This brief highlights important findings from the 2014 Zambia outlet survey.

Zambia 2009 Supply Chain qualitative assessment, 2012 Report

Survey reports | Zambia | 2012

Suggested citation: Kiefer S, Patouillard E, Palafox B, Tougher S, Mpasela F, Goodman C, Hanson K, O’Connell K and the ACTwatch Group. 2012. A Qualitative Assessment of the Private Sector Antimalarial Distribution Chain in Zambia, 2009. Nairobi: ACTwatch project, PSI

Zambia 2011 Household Survey, 2013 Report

Survey reports | Zambia | 2011

Suggested citation: ACTwatch Group & SFH/Zambia, 2013. Household Survey, Zambia, 2011 Survey Report. Washington DC: Population Services International. Available at: www.actwatch.info

Zambia 2009 Household Survey, 2009 Report

Survey reports | Zambia | 2009

Suggested citation: ACTwatch Group and Society for Family Health (SFH)/Zambia. (2009). Zambia Household Survey Report, 2009. Population Services International: DC.

Zambia 2009 Supply Chain, 2012 Report

Survey reports | Zambia | 2009

Suggested citation: Palafox B et al., 2012. ACTwatch 2009 Supply Chain Survey Results, Zambia. Nairobi: ACTwatch project, PSI.