Advocacy materials

Antimalarial drugs & diagnostic testing in the era of subsidies: multi-country findings - Presentation

Presentations | Cambodia | Myanmar | Nigeria | 2012

Presented in Basel in October 2012 at the 'Challenges in malaria research' meeting, hosted by BioMed Central in conjunction with its journals Malaria Journal and Parasites & Vectors.

Press Release - MIM 2013 - First-ever drug compound developed on African soil, an antimalarial, to move to human trials - Durban, South Africa | 8 October 2013

Briefs | Myanmar | 2013

This press release was shared by the Roll Back Malaria Malaria Advocacy Working Group during the 6th MIM Pan-African Malaria Conference. Among others, it features Myanmar's efforts to increase the availability of ACT, measured by national surveys based on the ACTwatch model.

Methods for implementing a medicine outlet survey: lessons from the anti-malarial market

Peer-reviewed | Benin | Cambodia | DR Congo | Kenya | Madagascar | Myanmar | Nigeria | Tanzania | Uganda | Zambia | 2013

O’Connell et al., Malaria Journal 2013, 12:52

Tracking changes in Myanmar’s antimalarial market in the context of drug resistance containment

Presentations | Myanmar | 2013

Presented at the 6th MIM Pan-African Malaria Conference, 2013 (MIM 2013) in Durban in October 2013.

Oral Artemisinin Monotherapy (oral AMT) Products found in 2013 ACTwatch Outlet Surveys

Multi-country | Cambodia | DR Congo | Madagascar | Myanmar | Nigeria | Uganda | 2014

The table outlines all oral artemisinin monotherapy (oAMT) products found during 2013 ACTwatch surveys. Photos are included where available. Among 6 countries surveyed in 2013,  oral AMT was found to be available in the DRC, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Nigeria. No oral AMT was found in Madagascar or Uganda.