Advocacy materials

Résultats de l’enquête 2013 auprès des lieux de prestation de services en RDC: provinces du Katanga et de Kinshasa

Presentations | DR Congo | 2015

This presentation was used during the DRC 2013 Outlet Survey Dissemination Meeting in Katanga, held in Lubumbashi, Katanga on 18th February 2015. The presentation was given by Dr Godéfroid Mpanya, ACTwatch Country Program Coordinator. 

ACTwatch Outlet Surveys 2013‐2014 ORS and Zinc Availability Findings from 9 Countries

Multi-country | Benin | Cambodia | DR Congo | Kenya | Madagascar | Nigeria | Tanzania | Uganda | Zambia | 2015

ACTwatch antimalarial medicine outlet surveys were conducted in 2013 in the DRC (Kinshasa & Katanga provinces), Cambodia, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Uganda, and in 2014 in Benin, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. A representative sample of clusters was selected to provide national estimates (provincial estimates only in the DRC) as well as estimates in urban and rural areas in Benin, DRC, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Within selected clusters, a census of all outlets with the potential to sell or distribute antimalarials and/or provide malaria blood testing was completed. All enumerated outlets were administered a series of screening questions to assess eligibility of the ACTwatch outlet survey. Screened outlets were administered additional questions to assess availability of ORS and zinc. This document summarizes the findings from these ORS and zinc availability questions.